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Industrial Separator
We offer high-efficient separators for industrial fluids. They separate water, oil and fine particles effectively. They are designed for industrial plants, and ideal for a variety of industries. We bring cost-effective separation solution for process needs.
Industrial Magnet
We provide the best possible industrial magnet products. They are practical and effective in many industrial processes. Our industrial magnet solutions meet your exacting needs and high quality standards. They are used in food, chemical, feed, plastics, and other industries.
Conveyor Belt Magnets
Conveyor belt magnets offer simple installation, excellent power and improved efficiency. The magnets give positive and effective control. They provide industry with better and reliable outcomes. There is lower maintenance too.
Magnetic Separator
Magnetic separators are perfect for many processing applications. They effectively filter, trap & remove ferromagnetic external bodies. The separators are practical for assuring product quality, safety and process efficiency.
Magnetic Roller
Magnetic rollers are designed to remove metallic contamination. They are used for industrial materials/processes. Practical in several industries, they are cost-efficient, effective and reliable. They add great value to the process.
Magnetic Floor Sweeper
Magnetic sweeper is practical for fast clearing of hazardous ferrous metals. They clear up iron chips, nails, nuts, tacks, screws, and staples etc. These sweepers are quick, safe and convenient way to clean floors, walkways, driveways, factory aisles, packing lots, and more.
Rare Earth Magnetic Rod
Rod magnets are long and round magnets, ideal for holding / sensing applications. We carry a range of Rare Earth Magnetic Rod, and can produce as per customers' specifications. We serve for particular industrial needs or processes.
NDFEB Grid Magnet
NDFEB Grid Magnets are used for industrial control purposes. They have specific characteristics and ideal for particular applications. They are easy to install, effective, and prolific in nature. There are many industrial uses.
Magnetic Rod
Magnetic rods are great in terms of magnetic strengths and dimensional precision. They are designed for highest efficiency and productivity. They can be made as per customers specification and application.
Vibratory Screen
Round vibratory screen is a high-performance vibrating screen. It is used for screening wet and dry materials. The screen is engineered for increased productivity and trouble-free operating. We offer innovative design, exacting standards and quality equipment.
Metal Detector
A Metal Detector is an electronic device that gives an audible or other signal when it is close to metal, used for example to search for buried objects or to detect hidden weapons.
Weighing and Bagging Machine
The Weighing And Bagging Machine is made available by us in various types that is used for granular products, like sugar, rice, pasta, salt, snacks, compost, pulses, detergent powder, and animal feed.

Magnetic Pulley
Magnetic pulleys are perfect magnetic products. They offer better removal of ferrous contamination such as nails, nuts, bolts, spikes, and cans etc. The pulleys offer maintenance-free operation. They are cost-effective, ideal for waste recovery, mining and processing industries.

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